Appeals Court Shoots Down Opposition to New York State Gun Control Law

July 11, 2013  |  APPEALS, CONSTITUTIONAL, IN THE NEWS  |  Share

Local activist Robert Schulz’s is leading a group opposed to the New York SAFE Act, the state’s new controversial gun control law.  Last week, a mid-level appellate court in Albany refused to reverse the trial courts denial of a preliminary injunction which would prevent the enactment and enforcement of the SAFE Act.

On behalf of himself and 1000 plaintiffs, Mr. Schulz argued that the rapid passage of the Safe Act violated the state constitution. Schulz’ suit alleges Governor Cuomo’s “necessity” justification for waiving the 3 day waiting period for passing legislation is improper.

NBC news affiliate WGRZ Channel 2 had me in-studio to provide analysis on the recent court decision on the prospect of this matter going before higher courts in New York State as well as the United States Supreme Court.

Click on the video above to hear my commentary and learn more about the SAFE Act opposition.

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