The Case of an Alleged Assassination Attempt, an Elvis Impersonator, and Mail-order Beans

July 10, 2013  |  CRIMINAL, IN THE NEWS, INTERNET CRIME  |  Share

Local media has recently reported on the pertinent connection one of my clients has to a story of national prominence.   My client, Ross C. Miller, operates the website with his wife.  The couple sell an assortment of artistic creations as well as gardening products through their website.  Castor beans are among the items they have sold in the past.

As you will learn from the article linked below, while castor beans can be used to grow decorative plants or make castor oil – the beans can also be used to create the poison known as ricin.

Click on the video above from WGRZ Channel 2 or click here to go to the The Buffalo News article, which details all the interesting twists that lead Mr. Miller to discover some of the castor beans he sold may have been used in an alleged attempt to poison the President of the United States.  You will want to hear this captivating story, which has a plot worthy of a leading television drama.

Additional coverage on the case from YNN can be found by clicking here.

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