Things Your Neighbors Won’t Tell You: “I will use your Wi-Fi — and might get you arrested.”

March 19, 2013  |  IN THE NEWS, INTERNET CRIME  |  Share

The Wall Street Journal’s is a financial information website that provides business news, stock market data, and personal financial advice.

The site recently published an insightful article entitled “10 things your neighbors won’t tell you.”  Included in this useful list of things to beware of when dealing with neighbors is “I will use your Wi-Fi — and might get you arrested.”

The article points out the vulnerable state you put yourself in if your wi-fi internet connection is not password protected.  I provide commentary for the article on some of the risks and consequences of not having a protected wi-fi connection.  I have represented multiple clients wrongly accused of a serious crime due to a neighbor’s use of their wi-fi connection.

To read the details of my commentary on protecting your wi-fi connection as well as the other 9 “things your neighbors won’t tell you” – click here.



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