Erie County Sheriff’s Office Spends Over $350,000 to Spy on Citizens’ Cell Phones

May 6, 2014  |  CONSTITUTIONAL, IN THE NEWS  |  Share
Erie County Sheriff's Office Spends Over $350,000 to Spy on Citizens' Cell Phones

A WGRZ investigative report has unveiled that the Erie County Sheriff’s Department has spent over $350,000 on equipment used to spy of citizens’ cell phones.  The report details the type of equipment purchased, its spying capabilities, and the confidentiality used by law enforcement agencies as well as the equipment manufacturer when such devices are purchased.

WGRZ asked that I provide perspective as their legal expert for the report to discuss if information obtained by the Sheriff’s Department could be used in court and the constitutionality of such law enforcement tactics.  Click above to watch the full report and my analysis on the legality of the Erie County Sheriff Department’s use of cell phone spying devices.

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