Will the Buffalo Diocese Whistleblower Face Legal Action?

November 2, 2018  |  IN THE NEWS, SEXUAL ABUSE SURVIVORS  |  Share
Will the Buffalo Diocese Whistleblower Face Legal Action?

I provided legal analysis for WIVB News 4’s recent story on Siobhan O’Connor, the former Diocese of Buffalo employee who leaked documents regarding the diocese’s handling of priests accused of sexual abuse.

Ms. O’Connor was featured in a report on 60 Minutes, which detailed the documents and information she released. WIVB’s follow-up story on the 60 Minutes report focused on the question of whether or not whistleblowers may face legal ramifications and if Ms. O’Connor specifically could face legal action.

Click the image above for more information and click here for my full analysis, which includes why I do not think Siobhan O’Connor will face any significant legal fallout for leaking Diocese of Buffalo documents as well as instances when a whistleblower may be subject to legal action.


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