Analysis of $4 Million Damages Alex Jones Ordered to Pay Sandy Hook Parents

August 5, 2022  |  First Amendment, IN THE NEWS  |  Share

On Thursday, August 4th, the jury in Alex Jones’ defamation lawsuit ordered that he pay $4 million in compensatory damages to the parents of a child who was killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre.

The Associated Press’ Jim Vertuno, reported on the $4 million ruling along with: details on potential punitive damages; a summary of events in the trial thus far; and future defamation litigation Alex Jones faces. Jim Vertuno spoke with attorney Barry N. Covert to provide legal analysis for this latest story on the Alex Jones defamation trial.

The plaintiffs in this case sought $150 million in compensatory damages. Barry Covert stated that the $4 million award was lower than he would have expected given the evidence and testimony in the case. Mr. Covert stated “But I don’t think Jones can take this as a victory.” He continued “The fact is, $4 million is significant even if we might have thought it would be a little higher.”

While the compensatory damages in this case have been decided, the trial now moves on to address punitive damages. Barry Covert said he expects the plaintiffs’ attorney in this case to argue that jurors should send the message that no one should profit off defamation. Mr. Covert stated “They will want jurors to send the message that you can’t make a quarter of a billion in profit off harming someone and say you’ll just take the damages loss in court.”

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