The Impact of Alex Jones’ Persona on Defamation Trial

August 5, 2022  |  Uncategorized  |  Share

The ongoing defamation trial, involving Alex Jones and the parents of a victim of the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre, has garnered significant media attention. The boisterous persona of Alex Jones has contributed to the “spectacle” that this trial is being portrayed as.

Jim Vertuno and Michael Tarm of the Associated Press recently published an article that focuses specifically on how the “loud and aggressive” nature of Alex Jones is impacting the defamation trial.

The reporters for the Associated Press spoke with attorney Barry N. Covert for their article on Alex Jones’ behavior and how it may be complicating court proceedings.

“It’s the most bizarre behavior I have ever seen at a trial,” said Barry Covert, regarding Mr. Jones actions in court. He continued “In my opinion, Jones is a money making juggernaut — crazy like a fox.” Mr. Covert concluded “The bigger the spectacle, the better.”

The judge in this trial has also been a focus of media attention. Barry Covert stated “Jones’ bizarre behavior is putting the judge in a very difficult box.” Regarding the judge, Covert added “She doesn’t want to appear to put her finger on the scales of justice.”

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